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It’s funny. When we first learned of this opportunity with United World Mission (UWM), we had a vision of a quaint house in a quaint town, working with a team to spread a not-so-quaint gospel. Then we learned we’d be serving in Budapest, a thriving metropolis of about two million people, one of Central Europe’s most beautiful cities.

Okay. Scratch the quaint part.

Here’s where it really hits home for us. When you think of Budapest – or all of Europe for that matter – you don’t necessarily think of a mission field. There’s no war in Hungary. It’s a very peaceful, quiet nation tucked between Romania and Austria. People go to work, they come home. They have families just like we do. But many, many people don’t have God.

Hungary is filled with grand testaments to the days when Christianity thrived, beautiful architectural relics that were once filled with worshippers. The churches

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