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If you didn't receive our email update, you can see it here. If you'd like to subscribe, please send me an "e" and say "Sign me up!" In that update we mentioned that we participated in our first mission conference as presenters. We shared a story that we heard from another missionary team already on the ground in Hungary - Chad and Serina Hollowell.

Chad and Serina were talking to a Hungarian couple (who have recently come to Christ) and they asked them what it takes to get to know a Hungarian - to build a relationship.

The couple responded saying, "It's hard, because we're all coconuts. We're not like Americans - the peaches." Of course Chad asked, "Coconuts and peaches? Please, what does that mean?"

The couple smiled and went on to explain how Hungarians are like coconuts because they are very hard on the outside. That their outer shell (or person) is hard to crack. Thus they are hard to get to know. But once you're in you're in! And like the coconut, the inside of a Hungarian is the soft part - the part more open to relationship. And that soft part goes deep into the coconut (Hungarian) for what can be a long-lasting, meaningful relationship.

Americans are more like peaches - soft on the outside, easy to get to know, but you can't go very deep because of that hard pit in the center.

The conference was a couple of weeks ago, but people are still commenting on that analogy. It's one will keep in mind as we head to the field "to crack some coconuts" - in a loving, Jesus like sorta way.

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Coconuts and Peaches

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