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I describe myself as a Midwestern kid – although “kid” hardly applies anymore. Born in Iowa, but grew up in Nebraska, returned to Iowa to start college, but finished by earning a Broadcast Journalism degree from the University of Nebraska. Moved to the Upper Midwest (Minnesota) with my new bride, and now we are living and loving life in Southern Wisconsin. Barbara and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary over a sushi dinner while attending fundraising training in Westbrook, Illinois.

As a Digital Media Producer, I’ve been blessed with some great positions. For the last nine years, I’ve produced material in the adult education/training arena – educating technicians on maintenance and repair in the aircraft and trucking industries. No, I can’t repack the DC9 nose landing gear strut, or troubleshoot a VT365 diesel engine, but I produced programs that trained a couple of hundred technicians how to do it.

I’ve really been happy using digital media to help people learn more about their trade and advance their careers to the next level.

But just like that DC9 or diesel truck delivering its passengers or goods, it wasn’t its final destination. After its overnight, or refueling, it was on to somewhere else. Such it is with me. God’s been working on me my whole career – since accepting Christ as a high schooler, producing an outreach video for my home church while in college, and helping people advance their careers through video training. Now He’s calling me to help advance people’s knowledge in Him and Christ Jesus. The destination He has in mind is pretty far from the Midwest, but then that’s what so exciting about digital media. With that little thing called the world wide web, we’ll be keeping those interested in God’s heart for the Nations in the Midwest, and beyond, in touch with what’s going on in Eastern Europe.

Brian running camera during a shoot for Pinnacle Ministries

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